CV Writing

It is essential to understand the importance of a good CV while trying to secure an excellent job in today’s highly competitive world. It may turn out that one exceptional factor might help you in getting a good break in today’s job market conditions. Now days, competition is increasing day by day and every individual possess good qualifications, experiences and skill set. It becomes very difficult for a prospective employer to choose the best candidate among the lot. In such a scenario, an impressive CV is a tool that sets you apart and makes a difference as far as job probability is concerned. Since it is the first document that is seen by a prospective employer, it is necessary that it reflects an individual’s positive aspects in a proper and succinct way and also makes the maximum impact.

These days many people have to settle for low end jobs just to remain employed. Even with the same qualifications and experience some people are able to get good jobs while others lag behind. The reason behind this discrepancy lies in “selling”. Those who are able to sell themselves in this tough job market effectively can land with better positions. A striking CV is a document that can help one ride on the job searching wave with positive results.

An abbreviation for the word curriculum vitae, the CV plays a crucial role in impressing prospective employers. This single document helps an individual to shine and make a positive impression. One must also understand the difference between a resume and a CV. A resume is more in the form of a bullet list where information is rendered in a short and concise way. Conversely, a CV is more like a full paragraph where one can add more information that is relevant to a prospective employer without worrying about him getting disgruntled and impatient. Being a jobseeker one must realize the importance of a CV in their professional life. Despite having the best possible qualifications and experience, this single document can turn the tide against anyone. These days, candidates are furnishing their resume as well as CV together to the prospective employers in order to offer them an opportunity to study their experience and skills more deeply. A technical purpose is also served by doing this. Submitting both documents together shows the jobseeker’s dedication for the job he is applying for. It also reflects the time, energy and thought put while applying for a particular position.

In many countries, the length of a CV is kept short and it includes the employment history, qualifications and some personal history of the job seeker in a concise and brief manner. Generally A4 size paper is used for the same which is often updated to change the emphasis of the information that a jobseeker wants to convey.

Many companies these days offer their own format which needs to be filled by the candidate which includes all the necessary and relevant information. But there are many companies who ask for CVs along with the required format as well. This is an exercise to seek the required information regarding a particular position in the company and the importance of CV cannot be refuted.