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What are the advantages of high-power commercial induction cooker?
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What are the advantages of high-power commercial induction cooker?

What are the advantages of high-power commercial induction cooker over gas and oil stove heating? In today's society, why high-power commercial induction cooker will gradually become the standard stove equipment of some hotels, restaurants and other kitchens? There is a certain reason, commercial induction cooker has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, comfort, no open flame, beneficial to the health of the chef, short heating time, fast cooking ... and so on.

So what are the advantages of commercial induction cookers:

1. Energy saving: The electromagnetic thermal efficiency is above 90%, and the thermal efficiency of fuel oil and gas is between 20% and 45%, so it is more than 40% more energy-efficient than traditional stoves. Save fuel costs. At the same time, the fuel storage cost is saved because it is unnecessary. No exhaust gas also saves the cost of exhaust air ...

       2. Efficient: fast heating speed, increase the speed of the dishes! In the course of human development, the heating method has evolved from wood, carbon, oil, gas, and electricity. Electromagnetic digital households use advanced electromagnetic heating technology, the temperature rise is fast, and the temperature rise is 300 degrees in 15 seconds, so the color output speed is not slow at all.

3. Safety: Since there is no open flame, the fire caused by the open flame is eliminated. Because there is no need to predict in kind, reducing the risk of fuel explosion.

       4. Environmental protection: When traditional coal, diesel, and gas are burned, it is a heat conduction process. He must dissipate most of the heat in the kitchen, so that the kitchen is stuffy :. While burning, it will release carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances, affecting human health. A commercial induction cooker was used to clean the kitchen, protect the environment and the health of employees.

5. Comfort: humanized design, easy operation.

Therefore, to a certain extent, the advantages and functions of commercial induction cookers compared with gas and oil stoves are relatively complete and perfect. It can replace various cooking functions such as frying, frying, cooking, stewing, grilling, and pot cooking of traditional stoves, and is especially suitable for fuel supply and occasions where the use of open fire is prohibited. Easy to operate: One-touch operation and code display are simple and clear, and intelligent computer control technology has automatic detection of pot body, overheating and empty burn protection, and overload protection. Precise temperature control: Large-scale adjustment and the application of advanced computer control technology can accurately control the temperature of Yuan cooking.