Types of built in wardrobe

A built-in wardrobe is the best storage unit you should have in your house. The built-in wardrobe has an amazing design and usually, the wardrobe is integrated into the structure of your house. You may think that installing a built-in wardrobe into your house is hard but It is much easier and quicker. You can use the built-in wardrobe to store your garments, shoes and personal belongings.

Below are the different types of built-in wardrobes:

1. The Carcase wardrobe

Thanks to its easy design, the Car Case wardrobe is one of the quick built-in wardrobes to install into your house. This built-in wardrobe is constructed, deconstructed, and rebuilt at will for a lot simpler wardrobe framework.

2. The Frame wardrobe

This type of built-in wardrobe is intended to give you full access to all your storage space and you will get that the wardrobe is easy to install in a room with a sloping roof. There is no limit to the depth of your wardrobe in the design of the frame, and you can install it almost anywhere.

3. The sliding door wardrobe

This type of wardrobe integrates easily into the structure of any room, and you can as well place a big mirror into the door of the wardrobe to make your room look more spacious. If your room is full of furniture, consider making a wardrobe with a sliding door. They are as well cheaper than other built-in wardrobes models, and you can design them to be deeper.


The space you have will determine the type of wardrobe to make and the design. Call a wardrobe designer and request a wardrobe that suits your room, and plans for your wardrobe will be created fast and easily with the assistance of a professional wardrobe maker. They will install the wardrobe and within a short time, you will be using your built-in wardrobe