What to carry for your boat trip

What to carry for your boat trip


This is for protection against harmful sun rays; it is essential meaning you should always be carried of a boat trip (aktiv i oslo). If you spend a lot of time in the water, use a waterproof variety and reapply it more often.


Carry with you many clothes but not excess, the clothes you will carry depend on the climate, they should breathe well and dry quickly. There’s nothing worse than having to sit too long on a wet swimsuit.

Safety items

You should always carry this item when you are on board on a boat (restauranter Oslo). Please have at least one personal flotation device; you should also have a harness with a tether adhered to it, another item to carry is a radio beacon as you will use it to call the authorities to incase of an emergency.

Water toys

Apart from ZUP boards also pack some floaties, noodles and water guns for a little extra fun out on the water. Make your trip enjoyable by carrying several fun items.

Dry bag

This is for keeping your valuables such as phone, camera and wallet nice and dry when not in use (båttur Oslo); the best thing is it doesn’t need to be anything fancy you can go for a plastic zippable bag.


Adding some music could make it more fantastic, whether you have a good sound system or just an excellent blue tooth speaker will still work well. Having a good vibe on your playlist is just awesome.


Of course, you need to eat something while on water, a day out on the lake might be tiring so be sure to carry your favorite meals like almonds, protein bites, fruits and any other you can add.

VHF radio

This is carried in case an emergency occurs on a boat. Due to their strong signals and longer battery life, it makes it the best option; therefore, you should always carry one.